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Categories: Guidelines

Top 10 Best Tools for Digital Agencies

Some tools are more suited for certain strategies than others. While it’s important to have the best tools in your digital marketing toolbox, it’s crucial to understand that it’s the marketer that makes the strategies and not the tools that make the marketer.

Categories: Guidelines

10 Best Accessibility Tools For 2023

Web accessibility is important because it enables people who have different forms of disabilities and limitations to access the web. As a website owner or builder, it’s good to be aware of the tools that you can use to keep your website compliant with the web accessibility laws and policies of your region.

Categories: Guidelines

How to Add an ALT Attribute to an Image

Whether you’re using static HTML or a content management system, adding alt attributes to your images is of great importance. And the best part is that by adding alt attributes, you solve for many users and use cases.